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In debt? How to manage your debts

In debt?  How to manage your debts

Most creditors will ask you for a financial statement before agreeing to a repayment plan that you can afford. A financial statement is a picture of your current financial situation and how much money you have left to pay your debts. It shows your INCOME – wages, benefits, income from lodgers, etc, and your EXPENDITURE – food, bills, rent, mortgage, Council Tax, travel expenses, etc.

>  You can complete a financial statement online HERE

BUT before you do so, you should check that you are receiving all the money you could be getting, for example by claimimg benefits and tax credits, letting a room, saving energy and cutting bills, applying for special tariffs or grants, if eligible. Contact us today for a benefit check or use the online calculator.

>  We also recommend the 4-step help from the National Debtline.


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